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What is FPIES and how do you manage it?

novembre 27, 2023 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST

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A type of non-IgE-mediated food allergy, Food Protein-Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES) typically affects young children, and causes severe vomiting, paler than normal skin colour, tiredness, and diarrhea. Such symptoms can be confused with those of other illnesses, like a bad stomach flu, making the condition harder to recognize. 

What the webinar is about: The basics of FPIES, including diagnosis, common food triggers, symptoms, dietary management and treatment. You’ll gain a better understanding of this condition, sometimes described as a delayed food allergy as reactions usually occur within hours after eating or drinking a particular food, and how to manage it on a daily basis.  

Who is speaking: Dr. Anna Nowak-Wegrzyn, MD, PhD, a pediatric allergist and immunologist, professor of Pediatrics at the NYU Grossman School of Medicine, and Director of the Pediatric Allergy Program at Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital at NYU Langone.  

When is the webinar: Monday, November 27, 2023 at 12-1 pm EST. 

Dr. Anna Nowak-Wegrzyn




Date :
novembre 27, 2023
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12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST
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